Ace re-stumping is a family owned local company with over 22 Years experience in house raising, restumping and construction in the Brisbane area.

We have a house raising team, a house re-stumping team & a structural steel beam team, all of whom are employees. On average, we re-stump about 150 houses per year and we can do the complete raise and re-stump if required, which usually takes about 2 weeks to complete. We are fully accredited (QBSA Licence No. 1022115) and have full insurance cover including Public Liability, Contracts Works, Workers Compensation & Personal Accident.

We cover almost all aspects of the house lifting and re-stumping industry and we can organise the drawing of architectural and engineering plans as well soil testing and certification if required.

Our services include:

We are pleased to provide free quotes but we can only give written quotes on house lifting or sliding when a set of structural plans are available. Until structural plans are available, we can only give an approximate price. However, general re-stumping and related works do not require a set of structural plans.


Restumping, Raising or Sliding?

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